Leptospirosis from Nicaragua Poses Threat

Health authorities in Honduras reported 254 suspected cases of leptospirosis in the country, after confirming the death of a ten-year old boy from the disease. The Ministry of Health is maintaining surveillance to avoid the transmission of the disease. It does not rule out quarantine at this point.

According to reports of the national program for infectious diseases transmitted by animals to humans, the majority of those possibly infected are located in the southern region of the country, near the Nicaraguan border. There is additional concern because rats have migrated from Nicaragua to several southern communities due to the rains.

The program stated that the infected are mainly men between 10 and 60 years of age.

Nicaragua is under health emergency because of the disease, which has caused 18 deaths.

Health authorities from Honduras and Nicaragua will meet soon to create a joint action plan to stop the epidemic.

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