Mejia Wants to Turn Himself In

The former defense minister and former vice commissioner, Aristides Mejia, prefers to voluntarily surrender, rather than be captured.

The former official of the government of Manuel Zelaya wants to appear voluntarily before the court to answer to criminal charges and be brought before the Anti-Corruption Prosecution.

Rene Velasquez Diaz, Mejia’s attorney, yesterday submitted to the court a written request for voluntary submission of his client and the revocation of his international arrest warrant.

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor accuses “Tito” Mejia, Rixi Moncada, and Rebeca Santos of crimes of fraud and abuse of authority. They are accused of authorizing two irregular contracts for 30 million annually for rental of the ENEE building.

Mejia presided over the board that authorized the costly rental of the ENEE building.

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