Micheletti Fears Assassination

Honduran interim leader Roberto Micheletti said on Friday that he might face assassination after he leaves office.

A Venezuelan citizen has offered one million U.S. dollars to have him killed, and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez might be behind this plot, Micheletti told a Honduran radio station.

“Many of our officers, and of course my family, are worried about what could happen to me once I leave office,” said Micheletti.

He has rejected international demands for his departure before a new president takes office on Jan. 27th, because such demands are against the country’s constitution.

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  1. loui ayala  January 12, 2010 at 6:49 am

    To Mr. Mwatefull,

    I think the way you initially wrote in your comment that you read a lot from the ” ignorant commenters” that perfectly suits you. I am not from Honduras nor siding any of the political parties , nor a business woman but i go there more often because , i have a house that my husband and I built for our retirement. I mingled with both rich and poor people but the difference that i saw was more on odd family relationship, taking advantage of one another and ignorance. The country where i came from everybody helps to improve the quality of life they have. It is like a team .Who ever is the oldest has a responsility to help the younger sibling and take care of their parents , and whoever is in better shape has a responsility also to hepl ….and i don’t see that in those times that i stayed there. For a nation to improve it should not come from the government, it should start at home and the
    achievements that they aspire, nevertheless that you have the freedom to achieve for your dreams…but with Z’ liar’ s government , the hope is gone. A communist ” leftist” ideals did not work for Russia and other nations…..how do you think it will work in ” Honduras”. You uncle Hugo is already running out of brains how he can resolve the problem of his leftist government. So, don’t give that bull about Z’liar,
    your hero is a wife beater,corrupt and murder and you expect people to follow this “trash”.

  2. mwatefall  January 11, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    I am not a LEFTIST, Alex. I am more right than left! When people are economically harmed and deprive of certain rights, tell me, does it matter who is left from right???

    Apparently, you are with these companies – on their side… that is why you have been commenting here numerous of times on this site! You are the one who has no knowledge… just head-knowledge and know experience. I know well Alex! You are just full of data, but you haven’t been there to see and feel… so don’t talk to me about emotions! There were those who opposed Zelaya, but those who went on the extreme, opposing him, you also saw their true colors and hidden agendas. You apparently, are decieved and following them as if they are Immaculate!

    Sitting behind your computer, you sit and think you know it all. You believe in freedom, but at the people’s hurt! You are like the rest of them. You sing about, “Oh, how all is well with the Honduras system!” It is like you are paid to spread your comments here, Alex! You are probably backing the Chiquita bananas companies and their unjust dealings. But one day, God will avenge His people, and what is hidden in the closet will be reveal by the light!


  3. Axel Reyes Bogran  January 11, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    mwatefall, you seem to be very well versed on the theme, but seem also to willingly ignore that in Honduras advances from the left had been rejected for as long as 80 years, maybe a bit longer.

    You talk about the United Brands as if it had been something bad for Honduras, well, nothing could be further from the truth.

    Nor before, nor since, has the Honduran worker had a better employer than them.

    There has been a lot of criticicism from the left side and the Unions, but to this date nobody has paid a better salary, nor has anybody given the kind of medical benefits and the excellent level of free schooling that the United Brands provided in Honduras for almost 100 years.

    So if you want to attack something, do it from knowlegde, not emotions.

    Honduras has paid dearly in many levels for opossing the United Brands corporation, but not as punishment, simply in money, our unemployment rate has soared, the people that has taken over many of the Banana Plantations do not pay their workers a fair salary, nor do they provide any of the perks that United did, and the plantations are not as well taken care of, so the quality of the Bananas has gone down, so we are loosing market share.

    If you are going to use your right of freedom of speech, please do so in a responsible manner.

  4. mwatefall  January 11, 2010 at 1:05 pm


    These big companies and sweatshops, used the unemployment-argument in order to continue their “unjust practices” over workers. By lowering the minimum wage it would have made these companies accountable for monies not going into the hand of the native people, but into the pockets of foreignors.

    Let me remind you Dole Food Company, Inc. is an American-based agricultural multinational corporation headquartered in Westlake Village, California and is the leading grower and packer of such food items as bananas, pineapples (fresh and packaged), grapes, strawberries, and other fresh and frozen fruits. The company has nothing to do with Hondurans being hurt! Also, Chiquita Brands International Inc. (NYSE: CQB) is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based producer and distributor of bananas and other produce, under a variety of subsidiary brand names, collectively known as Chiquita. These big companies are U.S. owned! Poolshark, they do not belong to the Honduran people. There are very rich and powerful people, who want to see Hondurans into slaves and remain slaves to them! Any politician that makes laws in their way, is taking a risk! These people don’t care if Hondurans are exposed to harmful materials, hazardous situations, extreme temperatures, or abuse from employers on the jobsite. These heads are indifferent to the native people, often making them work long hours for little pay, regardless of any laws mandating overtime pay or a minimum wage. Child labour laws may also be violated in many of their sweatshops. I have heard the complaints and seen their mistreatments.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do not condone the so-call “evil works” of Zelaya. Nobody is calling him a saint. But they made this whole “show” look like it was all on him. That was the plan. Interestingly, he was flown to a U.S. base before he went to Costa Rica – proof of the U.S. connections in all of this!

    Poolshark… I would suggest you research these things for yourself. Do not speculate and beleive everything the media says… alot of them are being paid to broadcast what they are paid to broadcast.

    And by the way, coup or no coup… It doesn’t deviate from the fact of who was behind these things.

    I pray for Honduras, my people… becasue the money and resources of the country is not going to them, but to the head of big corporations, many of them outside of the United States.


  5. Poolshark  January 11, 2010 at 10:49 am

    Pray for Roberto Micheletti! He is a brave man and a hero.

  6. Poolshark  January 11, 2010 at 10:47 am

    Thank you mwatefall for your leftist drivel. It shows this is an equal opportunity media. However, you are wearing rose colored glasses. Zelaya doesn’t care about poor poeple. He stole from them.

    You may or may not have a point about the fruit companies. I admit I do not know if anything you said there is true or not. But in general, the minimum wage affected all businesses, including small mom and pop establishments, who had to lay off their workers. Overall, the effect was unemployment.
    There was no coup. Zelaya quit the presidency when he chose to take the steps he took to defy the Supreme court and hold his referendum. Just because he was ‘democratically elected’ doesn’t mean he can’t be constitutionally removed.

  7. AnnieK  January 11, 2010 at 10:40 am

    Hire Blackwater protection with an agreement to take out any who try to assassinate anyone in government or Micheletti. That would include any heads of state in other countries.. You must give a message that there are consequences for criminal acts.

  8. mwatefall  January 10, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    People… I am not surprised

    During the past several months, I have read many ignorant commenters on this site…

    Being engineered by two US companies, with CIA support, Micheletti, was one of the prime political figures that was behind the military coup that had overthrown the democratically elected president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya. The U.S. heads saw what was happening and failed to stand up against those who would undermined the people of Honduras.

    The history goes that earlier in the year Chiquita Brands International Inc. (formerly United Fruit) and Dole Food Co. had severely criticized Zelaya for advocating an increase of 60% in Honduras’s minimum wage, claiming that the policy would cut into corporate profits. They were joined by a coalition of textile manufacturers and exporters, companies that rely on cheap labor to work in their sweatshops. This was all for profit!

    Chiquita (United Fruit) and the United State’s CIA had before toppled Guatemala’s democratically-elected president Jacobo Arbenz in 1954. This is a known fact! These people were certain that Haiti’s president Jean-Bertrand Aristide had been ousted by the CIA in 2004 because he also proposed a minimum wage increase, like Zelaya’s. Dole and Chequita knew very well that if you had control over low economies, you had a control over the politicians, and thus, control over the law. If Honduras had set the bottom line for the minimum wage, the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean will have to follow. Haiti attempted to do this with opposition, and she failed. The big companies with ties to the United States, are determined to stop what they call a ‘leftist revolt’ in this hemisphere. Through Micheletti, in ousting Zelaya, they sent a warning message to other presidents who are trying to raise the standards of living for their people. Although Zelaya did associate himself with Hugo Chavez, Dole & Chiquita’s aims were not for the best interests of poor people of Honduras.

    And during all of this, what has Barak Obama did so far for Latin American countries? There is still unfair trade agreements, privatizations, and threats of military intervention on governmental leaders. It is strange that his administration has not done enough to promote fair democracy.

    Once, Chiquita was represented by a powerful Washington law firm, Covington & Burling LLP, and its consultant, McLarty Associates. President Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder had been a Covington partner and a defender of Chiquita when the company was accused of hiring “assassination squads” in Colombia. Quote from MSNBC: “Chiquita admits to paying Colombia terrorists: Banana company agrees to $25 million fine for paying AUC for protection” MSNBC March 15, 2007 – See http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17615143/” http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17615143/ (July 24, 2009)

    So now, it seems like after getting rid of one devil (Zelaya), a worse thing is now to come on Micheletti. Reminds me that we are all responsible for our own actions. Micheletti brought this upon himself.


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