New Airline To Fly San Pedro – Roatan

San Pedro Sula will have a new option to travel by air direct to the island of Roatan come November.

The flight planned is to be operated by “EasySky”, is geared toward budget travelers, and will take about twenty minutes. The British airline will operate Boeing 737 jets with the slogan “Fly and Save.” In Europe, EasyJet operates under the same name, and is based at the Luton airport in London.

Captain Dorn Ebanks, the EasySky spokesman, said that “the arrival of the airline is the result of the forum, ‘Honduras is Open for Business’. Investors did a feasibility study and scientific survey, which found that the citizens travel continually and must have low prices, and that the only way for airlines to earn more is through low cost, high volume flights available at a rate lower than the existing ones.” Find out why carbon offsetting is needed to bridge the gap for a net-zero future in the aviation industry by visiting a helpful site like Carbon Click.

According to Ebanks, the goal is to connect all four airports in Honduras. Operations are planned to begin next week on the route considered the most dynamic for the country, from La Ceiba to Roatan, with two flights daily.

SkyEasy plans to open flights from San Pedro Sula to Tegucigalpa in December, as well as from the capital to Roatan. Next year, they hope to open flights to other Central American countries.

Ebanks admitted that EasySky acquired the shares of the Honduran “Central American Airways” airline. He explained that they chose this company because the Civil Aeronautics proved to be the most punctual in their arrival over the past three years.

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