New Congress Will Debate Amnesty

The National Congress yesterday decided they did not have sufficient time to consider the granting of amnesty for those involved in the events of June 28th.

The decision came after a series of meetings with representatives of Honduran civil society who disagreed with the decree, legislative sources told the media. The project was to be discussed Monday, but due to growing opposition, it was determined the discussion would be moved to Tuesday.

“We had very little time for discussion and consideration, and so we decided to leave the matter for the next Congress,” confirmed Toribio Aguilera of the Innovation and Unity Party (Pinu).

The congressman said the civil society representatives with whom they discussed the issue recommended that it would be “better to integrate a truth commission, and let the truth commission rule on the amnesty, because it makes no sense to declare certain crimes political or not without knowing the truth.”

The parliamentarian said he thought that was logical, and that Congress decided the next government would not have the same time constraints, and would be in a better position to consider the matter.

One Response to "New Congress Will Debate Amnesty"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  January 14, 2010 at 8:03 am

    I just do not understand under what basis is an amnesty for Zelaya even being considered.

    The crimes he committed range from Constitutional law breaking to lack of love for country, and there is a quite a list of offenses that fits in between those two.

    This man offered our country as if for sale to Chavez, there is no doubt that large amounts of money changed hands before Zelaya even started to talk about a “Referendum” , the way he was following Chavez guidance on how to do things so the outcome was favorable to Chavez, not Honduras, is an act of treason by itself; The show of lack of love for the people of the country that trusted him with their future when elected by wanting to bring a ‘Police State’ type of government to rule Honduras, also is an act of treason, in this case to the people of Honduras, for it is not the kind of Governemt that the people sought, so he changed step in midstride, he no longer was the president that the people had elected, for he changed from what he had offered; The way he called for chaos, violence and upheavel, in which sure bloodshed was to happen, is also an act of treason.

    There is enough evidence of monies stollen from the Honduran Government (and therefore its people) to condemm him for corruption alone.

    The truth that will be seeked has to be real.

    The men and women in charge of deciding his fate have to be able to accept the morality level involved in his crimes.

    There is always a moment in the World of Law when it has to be remembered that it, the law has its origins in the search for what is fair and right.

    And it was not fair nor right that Zelaya betrayed the voters who elected him to run a Democratic free society, not a Socialist Police State as he wanted to do when he was in the middle of his term, a system designed by Castro, look at Cuba now, wher he, Castro was supossed to rescue it from Batista’s corruption, not destroy its economy, one of the strongest in the Americas at that time, the late 50’s, and now we see it implemented by Chavez in Venezuela, also a country that had one of the strongest economies in he Americas at a different time, late 70’s to late 90’s.

    It is a lie when they say that they were looking for a betterment to the lower classes, you can not achieve that by hurting the economy.

    Zelaya is not an ignorant man, so his sins are doubly as bad, and he is not a poor man, nor did he intend to become one, so he can not identify himself with the “lower class masses” as he wanted to make believe, and do not be confused, you do not show your love for your people by destroying the “Rich”, you show it by improving the living standards of the poor, the so called “Proletariat”.

    So, representatives of the people of Honduras, do what is right for the people you represent.

    The military did not do anything wrong, they followed orders from you, Congress and the Courts, so how can you even consider punishing them without also bringing punishment upon yourselves?

    If it is because they expelled him, just be pragmatic and allow yourselves the question:

    What would have happened if he staid in?

    Most likelly a blood bath, so if the military’s High Commnad chose to expell him instead of having to kill a whole lot of Hondurans, so be it, the better choice was made, and people should be commended for that, not punished.

    It is time we start catching up with the times people of Honduras, life has moral rules to follow, it is not only a matter of opinions or dislikes.

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