New Stamps of Honduras Feature the Seleccion

FENAFUTH President, Rafael Callejas, said the launch of the stamps is to celebrate the World Cup qualifying of the Seleccion.

Thursday five stamps were launched with images of the Seleccion team who qualified for the 2010 World Cup.

The stamps were presented at the Government House during a ceremony attended by President Roberto Micheletti, federal functionaries, and Seleccion members, Amado Guevara, Bonieck Garcia and Emilio Izaguirre, along with officials of the Honduran Postal Enterprise (Empresa Hondurena de Correos – Honducor).

The team and the official mascot are some of the printed images featured on the stamps. The cost ranges between 5 and 25 Lempiras, and will be offered for public sale, Honducor said.

“We are proud and very grateful that they (the Honducor authorities) have made this decision,” said Micheletti.

“We have been the most successful executive committee in the history of Honduras, I say modestly,” said Callejas in a jovial mood.

One Response to "New Stamps of Honduras Feature the Seleccion"

  1. gonow  December 4, 2009 at 10:46 am

    maybe they should issue two more stamps one for zelaya [ with a big x on it ]…………..and one for mr micheletti………..

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