No. To closing gas stations at night

The National Association of Petroleum Product Distributors (Ahdippe) reaffirmed before the government that they are not willing to close gas stations during night hours, because this measure would force them to eliminate several employments.

The Zelaya administration proposes the closing of gas stations at night as a measure to save on fuel, after the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) suspended the “Hoy no circula” measure that was also meant for the same purpose.

Apparently the Executive authority will have to look for another alternative at least that is what Ahdippe suggests.

The Ahdippe general manager arrived on Tuesday to the offices of the minister of Presidency, attending a call on behalf of the minister Enrique Flores Lanza.

The general manager of Ahdippe said: “Our sector is in disagreement with this position. We do not accept the measure of closing the gas stations during night hours due to financial problems we already have so we are not in a position to do so”.

The closing of gas stations was adopted during the government of Jose Simon Azcona del Hoyo and Ricardo Maduro.

Ahdippe warns that the closing of gas stations at night time would lead to firing their personnel working the night shift and a loss of over 100 thousand lempiras in each gas station daily.
The representative of the gas station owners manifested that the petition of this sector is that this sacrifice will be shared by other sectors as well such as the public transportation, industrial parks and other businesses instead of asking only one sector to make this big sacrifice.

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