OAS to Vote on Secretary General Today

“Today, the most powerful inter-governmental body of the Americas, the Organization of American States, will reelect Chilean politician Jose Miguel Insulza as its Secretary General. After five years of inefficacy and inconsistency in applying the Inter-American Democratic Charter, Secretary General Insulza’s reelection will irreparably damage the most significant regional initiative of the last decade.”

“In 2009, however, Insulza did invoke the democracy clause in Honduras. This time, the Secretary General’s actions were wrongful.

In an apparent attempt to extend his time in office, then Honduran President Manuel Zelaya’s ploy to rewrite the Honduran constitution was an “opinion poll” aimed at electing a “Constituent Asembly.” It was called a “poll” in order to circumvent any type of judicial scrutiny in Honduras that specifically forbade Zelaya’s action.

Instead of deterring him from perpetrating his scheme, Insulza congratulated Zelaya and sent him an “accompaniment mission” (there is no legal, institutional, or even informal definition for this bizarre term in OAS history) consisting of the same OAS senior officials whose job is to observe elections throughout the continent. Raul Alconada, Insulza’s deputy, appeared next to the Foreign Minister of Honduras explaining to an incredulous nation, that the OAS was “just accompanying a political act, as we have done countless times in countless countries.” This prompted a June 25 resolution by the Honduran Congress expressing “profound outrage” and calling for the OAS to “immediately withdraw” its mission.”

Excerpts from Human Rights Foundation…Read More Here.

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  1. Poolshark  March 26, 2010 at 8:54 am

    Disaster. What a crying shame.

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