Olancho Residents Take to the Roads

Traffic was stalled from 6:30 am until almost 10:00 am this morning on the road to Olancho. Protestors said they would not back down until the authorities of the Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Housing (Soptravi) and the Autonomous Service of Aqueducts and Sewers (SANAA) report for duty, “not with documents, but with equipment and personnel.”

The situation is “unbearable” according to the residents of 10 neighborhoods there. They do not have potable water service, and dozens of children have been inflicted with respiratory viruses due to dirt from the roads; the result of the abandonment of two projects.

One representative of the protesters said the demonstration was due to a breach of contract. Builders received the third payment from the community for repairing the streets, and the running of a potable water system, but both are in disrepair.

“We made a third payment, of our share, and the developer has broken his word,” he said. “Until our demands are met,” he added, “we will not sign any more agreements, as we have signed two.” “There is too much dust, and children are suffering from respiratory problems,” he reiterated.

The manager of SANAA, Danilo Alvarado, told reporters that they do not provide coverage to the area in question. “There is a group of developers who are building housing complexes, and they have made agreements with the people, committing to build water lines and roads, as long as the villagers put in some of the funds,” said Alvarado.

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