Operation Lightning Brings in Mara 18 Fugitive

A dreaded fugitive from justice, and member of the &lquote;Mara 18&rquote; gang, Longin Eduardo Baca, alias “The Crime”, was captured yesterday by the National Police in a blitz operation taking place in the area of Comayagüela. Police also arrested eleven members of the “Maras”, including six children, for the crime of conspiracy. The detainees are to be presented before the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (DNIC), and the six children will be referred to the juvenile court.

The Crime had escaped from the penitentiary two months ago, and was one of the “most wanted” by the police. He was found to be in possession of an AK-47, a bulletproof vest for police use, a police badge, and various ammunition. The Mara gang member had escaped from the National Penitentiary (PN) two months ago, after being sentenced to prison for the crimes of conspiracy, theft, murder, and drug trafficking. Before being sent back to the PN, Longin Eduardo Baca was presented before the court for the crime of escape.

Along with The Crime, police arrested Jefrey Fernando Cruz Merlo (18), Zetaduw Fajardo Paguada (24), Jonathan Aguilar Martínez (20) and Óscar Armando Gómez (24), who will answer for the crime of conspiracy. Additionally, Roger Ernesto Lobo Pérez alias, “Black Boys”, was in possession of a Beretta pistol, and will be presented to the Tegucigalpa court on charges of conspiracy and illegal possession of weapons.

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