Pepe Agrees to Deliver the Votes

Porfirio Lobo, everyone knows by Pepe, is the head of the National Party and the candidate “most likely to become the next president of Honduras”, as he is ahead by 16 points in the polls.

Pepe Lobo was on the point of being elected president four years ago, but lost by just 7,000 votes to then Liberal candidate, a wealthy landowner, Manuel Zelaya from Olancho.

Pepe Lobo always thought that the recount was rigged, that Zelaya and his men, among whom was a wealthy businessman named Roberto Micheletti-made a trap. But Lobo, also a wealthy farmer of Olancho, decided to comply with the outcome and await with patience and good humor, his revenge.

That moment has arrived. A few days ago, Pepe Lobo and Thomas Shannon, Assistant Secretary of State sent by Obama to resolve the conflict once and all for Honduras, met alone in Tegucigalpa. They spoke in English because Lobo, like all children of the few wealthy families in Honduras, completed his studies in America.

Shannon announced that the representatives of Zelaya and Micheletti had reached an agreement for the National Congress to decide upon Zelaya’s reinstatement in an open vote by a show of hands. “But Zelaya’s side has asked me to guarantee that his return takes place. So I need,” Shannon approached him directly, “that your members vote yes to the reinstatement.” Wolf smiled, for it is one of his most characteristic gesture, a friendly smile behind which hides his true thoughts, and his response was: “Okay.”

Pepe Lobo’s National Party has 54 votes in Congress, and the Liberal Party has 62, but 20 of the 62 Liberal voters have already shown that they supported the res-institution of Zelaya, albeit symbolically, with limited powers. Taking into account that Congress consists of 128 deputies, Lobo believes the 54 plus the 20 would be enough to smooth the return of Zelaya and thereby ending the conflict …

3 Responses to "Pepe Agrees to Deliver the Votes"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  November 3, 2009 at 6:36 am

    This is not the moment to be playing a numbers game.

    What is ‘History’ for you?
    I sincerelly hope that is more than just a word.

    There have been many momentous times in the past in which, the lack of asking the proper questions has brought disaster.

    Honduras is right now facing one of those moments.

    To Pepe Lobo I ask:

    Are you seriously considering to ignore all the warnings that are up all around the country?

    Kidnappings, Murders, Assasinations, Burning of Business Establishments, Assaulting of common People on the streets; And more importatntly, the prevoius, many times that these Wannabe Dictators have lied to get into a position from nobody can any longer remove them.

    Honduras, be very careful, in the USA many people have been saying that it would be very wrong to allow Pepe Lobo to make decissions regarding Zelaya, that their friendship goes deeper than many people are aware of.

    Do not allow Zelaya back into power, for History shows that many times in the past the same mistake has been made with terrible consequences for the world.

    A very short list of examples follows:

    Hittler was allowed back into the leadership of Germany in the early 1930’s, almost 7 years of a world at war came ouf that bad move.

    Fidel Castro was allowed to go free and then return to lead his followers to a revoultion, this eventually destroyed Latin America’s hopes to have a good and strong economy.

    Hugo Chavez was set free once after a Coup, then allowed into power, kicked out and allowed back in, look at South America now, and see what it is doing to Honduras, a country that has never wanted Socialism as a form of Government is being forced to accept it.

    Believe me fellow Hondurans, if Zelaya is allowed again into power, just for a minute, our freedom will be part of “History”.

    It is time for us to be the “First Ones” again, just as we were the firts Country to stop Chavez in his tracks, let us be the “First One” that learns from the lessons of “History”.

  2. Axel Reyes Bogran  November 2, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    There is a rumor going around that Lobo is also very leftist since his days as a young student, even the name “Patricio Lumumba” gets thrown around.

    If Lobo participates in any way, shape or form to allow for Zelaya to be reinstated, then Honduras should no longer trust him.

    There is one very well known of this hapenning before, not is too distant a past.

    There this irrational belief that if Hugo Chavez was to be allowed back in power and then call for a vote to see if the people of Venezuela wanted him back he would be soundly beaten.

    Nobody was counting on the willingness and ability to commit fraud that this animal has, and even after he proclaimed that the votes would be counted only and at all times, by people already working for him, Jimmy Carter gave the elections his blessings.

    Be careful Honduras, Pepe Lobo, please show us that you really have what it takes to be a good president four Country, our beloved Honduras, do not side with Zelaya only to punish Micheletti, you will be walking on a high wire, and the problem is that if you fall, you will be taking Honduras down with you.

    Pepe Lobo, to you I say, these is the perfect time to choose to ignore the call of your ego.

    Let Zelaya stay out of these process of choosing the next President, he already made the bad choice of trying to sell Honduras to Chavez, have you Mr. Lobo forgotten that there are financial responsabilities that Zelaya has toward Chavez, he would turn Honduras over in a flash.

    People of Congress, do not allow that pig back in, once a traitor, always a traitor.

  3. Poolshark  November 2, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    Mr. Lobo could lose the election if he tries something like that. If my reading of the sentiment in Honduras is correct, and the majority of the people DO NOT want Zelaya back, Good Bye Wolf if he delivers the Congress to Zelaya. Anyway, I DON’T THINK HE CAN.
    In spite of all the anxiety, I trust that Micheletti knows what he doing.

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