President Assigns New Ministers

President Porfirio Lobo Sosa, swore in four new staff members on Friday, in the areas of education, agriculture, electrical energy and trade.

The rector of the National University of Agriculture of Catacamas, Marlon Oniel Escoto Valerio, was sworn in as the new Minister of Education, replacing Alejandro Ventura. A master in business administration, José Adonis Lavaire, was sworn in as the new Minister of Industry and Commerce, replacing José Francisco Zelaya, who resigned two weeks ago. An entrepreneur and Presidential Commissioner for the region of Valle de Sula, Emil Mafhuz Hawit Medrano, took over as head of the National Enterprise of Electric Energy (ENEE), replacing Roberto Martínez Lozano, who had resigned, and also sworn in was Ramón Arturo Escobar as the new Deputy Minister of Agriculture, replacing Juan Ángel Ártica.

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