President Ensures Investigation of Medina’s Death

President Lobo vowed yesterday to thoroughly investigate the death of the social communicator Hector Medina Polanco, who was killed in Morazán, Yoro on Tuesday.

The President said he would seek to not only expedite the investigation of this criminal act, but also other cases of journalists who have lost their lives in the past two years. Medina on Tuesday became the eleventh victim of the crime wave and attacks that lurk within the journalistic profession.

“We will continue with the research process … We reiterated our call for help, even the week before, I communicated with the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who expressed her desire to assist us in strengthening the research process, as we have with Colombia and Spain,” said Lobo.

Meanwhile, the Inter American Press Association, IAPA, yesterday condemned the killing of the journalist, and asked the government of President Porfirio Lobo Sosa to fulfill its commitment to protect the press, and fight the impunity surrounding a dozen cases of journalists murdered in Honduras in recent months.

Medina, 36, was a producer and host of the cable news program broadcast by TV9 Omega Vision in Yoro.

On May 10th at night, a few blocks away, the journalist was shot by unknown assailants on a motorcycle, wounding him with three shots in the back and one in the arm. Medina was taken to a hospital in San Pedro Sula, where he died the next day. The chairman of the IAPA, Gonzalo Marroquín, condemned the murder and called on President Porfirio Lobo to “meet the public commitment to end violence against the press and to investigate crimes against journalists.”

Medina had reported being the victim of death threats and had undergone two other attacks. He was known in the community for his reporting on irregularities in the municipality of Morazán and conflicts over land tenure.

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