Rixi Moncada and Aristides Mejia in Court Today

The initial court hearing began last Monday. The Prosecutor against Corruption alleged that Rixi Moncada and Aristides Mejia, both former officers of the ENEE, committed an abuse of authority and fraud by participating in the costly rental of the ENEE building, without offering it out for bid.

Court was in recess until today, after an annulment request was filed by Moncada. Rixi Moncada alleges violation of constitutional guarantees and due process. She argues that a senior official can not be indicted in a criminal court, but rather the charges would need to be brought before the Supreme Court, as, according to Moncada, she continues to perform the function of advisory minister of Energy for the government of Manuel Zelaya.

The former manager of the ENEE, Rixi Moncada and Aristides Mejia presented themselves voluntarily to the court, while former finance minister, Rebecca Santos (accused of the same crimes) is a fugitive from justice.

Judge Mario Rios is expected to decide the issue today.

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