San Pedro Sula Prison Control

Police regained general control of the San Pedro Sula prison at about 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, after a COBRA squad was sent into the facility.

One or more areas, and a cell in particular, inside the San Pedro prison, however, has yet to be contained. Rumors are that an inmate is holding authorities off with a grenade.

Honduran Auxiliary Bishop Monseñor Rómulo Emiliani was admitted inside the prison; authorities believe he will be able to resolve the situation peacefully.

The police had postponed entering the facility to avoid a repeat of the shoot-out that took place earlier in the day. According to the prosecutor’s office, 12 inmates corpses were found inside with their hands and feet mutilated. Among the bodies taken to forensics were Nery Sagastume Chinchilla, José Armando Gómez, and Daris Jesús Menjívar.

Police have begun notifying families of the 13 deceased prisoners.

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