Congress Supports Honduras School of Government

Session of Honduras Government SchoolJuan Orlando Hernandez, President of the National Congress, on Thursday inaugurated the second training session of the First School of Government in Central America.

The School of Government of Honduras was created with the help of the Congress of Deputies of Spain through The Giménez Abad Foundation, and the Honduran National Congress contributed through the Juan Manuel Gálvez Foundation. Representataive Juan Orlando Hernandez presented the initiative, giving encouragement to the idea that the country’s youth, regardless of the political party they belong to, can be educated as public officials.

The National Congress President explained that each student participating in the school was selected by congresspersons belonging to each of the five political parties of Honduras. “This is a good example of brotherhood and reconciliation,” he said.

Honduran Representative Ignacio Cruz Asensio said that the School of Government is to encourage the spirit of the 128 youth. “In this School of Government you have opportunities to know their dreams, so that together, we help turn them into reality.”

Students are currently participating in the training seminar entitled, “The State of the Parties of the Honduran Political System” being held in the city of Siguatepeque from the 19th through the 22nd of this month.

Manuel Giménez of the Gimenez Abad Foundation, emphasized that the school’s goal is to strengthen the democratic institutions in accordance with the values ​​of liberty, equality and respect for coexistence and ideological pluralism.

The 128 participants will be trained to serve, in the future, with passion when they become public servants of Honduras.

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