Shooting Near Golosón Airport in La Ceiba

A shooting took place a few meters from the Golosón airport in La Ceiba, on October 18, 2011, at 3:30 in the afternoon. Allegedly, a criminal gang left three people injured in an incident on the CA-13.

The National Police provided only preliminary data to the media; the gunmen were heavily armed, and the victims were driving a white Toyota pickup. The investigating officers said that this could be a gang-related incident, as the area has had territory disputes over the distribution of drugs.

Witnesses near the scene told the authorities they saw a black car, and several individuals all dressed in black and wearing ski masks, exit the vehicle, and fire upon the white truck in an attempt to kill the driver.

The driver received multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and head, and was taken to a hospital in Átlantida. Doctors tending to him made the decision to send him to Mario Catarino Rivas hospital in San Pedro Sula for treatment.

The driver, Arnulfo Aníbal Frederick López, is a native of the island of Guanaja and a resident of El Pino, El Porvenir.

Minutes later, sisters Anny Peña (26) and Mariela Peña (18), both of La Masica, Átlantida, who were also injured in the attack, were taken to the regional hospital in Átlantida.

“We need security police; they want to kill us,” said one of the wounded.

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