Six Murders in La Ceiba in 24 Hours

Three members of the same family were gunned down early this morning, by individuals wearing police uniforms, who forcibly entered a home in the city of La Ceiba.

According to witnesses, at approximately 2:30 a.m., several individuals dressed in police uniforms, broke down the doors of the house Mr. Emilio Oswaldo Munguia was in, and took his life.

Four subjects entered the house, according to witnesses, and already knew where to find their victims. After killing Emilio Oswaldo Munguía, the criminals entered a room attached to the house to kill Alirio and Maritza. Emilio Oswaldo Munguía, 44, his daughter, Maritza Lozano Bonilla, 31, and her husband, Alirio Romero Zavala, died immediately. The perpetrators of the triple murder escaped out of the house into the darkness without being identified.

“We know that false police did this. We do not know why they came to the house to commit these crimes, ” said a relative.

When Police Commissioner Luis Alonso Bustamante heard of the case, he ordered patrols to find those responsible, but they were unable to locate any suspicious individuals in the area. The commissioner added that they coordinated to patrol the entire area, and staff was allocated to visit the crime scene along with the National Directorate of Criminal Investigation, (DNIC), who were responsible for determining what happened.

“We lament the deaths,” Bustamante said. “As members of the police we are determined to ensure the safety of our citizens, but there are cases out of our hands.”

After further investigation, it was confirmed that Emilio Oswaldo Munguía was engaged in private work repairing weapons. He had even performed his services for the National Preventive Police.

It is speculated that the criminals came to rob Munguía of his weapons, but no details where given about who might have done this.

The head of the investigation, Óscar Ardón, said they had information that the house contained pistols and rifles, but they do not know the quantities and/or calibers of the weapons, “We do not have details. We only know that they took weapons from the house because he was engaged in this kind of work.”

Three additional murders took place in La Ceiba over the past 24 hours.

The lifeless body of José Nicolas Fúnez Suazo, 33, was found near the Danto bridge. F&uacutenez sold chairs. He died of several gunshot wounds; perpetrators fled the scene. Relatives indicated that he had no known enemies.

On Wednesday night, José Alexander Duarte, 30, died a violent death. Duarte received multiple gunshot wounds from subjects driving by in a car on first street.

Also, yesterday at noon, a merchant, Roberto Rubí Martínez, 49, was killed by individuals on a motorcycle. His lifeless body was discovered lying on a bicycle on which he had refreshments. Relatives of Rubí Martínez who arrived at the scene broke into tears upon seeing his corpse, “We demand justice.” the family of the now deceased demanded.

No one has been detained in relation to any of these events; the cases are under investigation.

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