Suspended Teachers to Rejoin Classrooms

As of Monday, June 13th, 303 suspended Honduran teachers will return to the classrooms.

This is the result of a roundtable discussion that took place between the teachers union and the government, aimed at settling the issues surrounding the national education system.

Teachers said they will, however, keep adding pressure until the government restores all their rights and ends the persecution against them. The teachers are also fighting against the privatization of national education.

On April 6th, President Porfirio Lobo issued an emergency decree that included suspension for six months of 303 teachers who were absent from classes for attending strikes.

One Response to "Suspended Teachers to Rejoin Classrooms"

  1. Rabina  June 10, 2011 at 10:57 am

    Privatization is what is needed to obtain accountabilty. No more so called teachers getting paid for not working. Lessen the chances for theft of services. Simple no work = no pay. Simple accounting!

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