Sweet Potatoes from Honduras "Hot Sellers"

La Tropicana Exotics Food Importers was founded over three years ago by Vincent Schoonbrood. Before this, he had been active for over 15 years in the fruit and vegetable trade, ten years of which was in exotics. La Tropicana mainly trades in fresh products for ethnic markets, such as ginger, cassava, eddo, sweet potatoes, yams, coconuts, plantains, hot peppers, and tamarind, etc. "We really focus on the special products, we’re not fussy about the large bulk", according to Vincent.

The products arrive by boat weekly from countries like Costa Rica, China, the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Honduras.

"Most ‘by air’ products go straight to their final destination", he says. The largest part of the assortment is available all year at La Tropicana.

He says that at the moment, the sweet potatoes with white flesh from Honduras are hot sellers, “The popularity is increasing, and now there aren’t many other countries supplying. The demand is big.”

Almost all products are for re-export. “These exotics also find their way into cities like The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Brusseles, but the main export markets for La Tropicana are France, Spain, Portugal, the UK and Italy.”

Vincent Schoonbrood, La Tropicana Exotic Food Importers

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