Teachers Get Recognition from Honduran Government

The President of Congress, Juan Orlando Hernandez, hailed the basic learning center, “German Herrera Molina”, as an example for dignity in teaching, for having completed more than 200 days of school last year by not interrupting classroom instruction during the recent teachers strikes.

Professors, students and parents, along with members of congress, Lena Gutiérrez, Oswaldo Ramos Soto, Renán Inestroza, Rodolfo Zelaya, Leonel Giannini, Ricardo Díaz and Mario Pinel, as well as Education Secretary Alejandro Ventura, among others, met at the basic learning center, which has been in operation since May of 1982. The school is in Tegucigalpa’s “Los Pinos” neighborhood.

As a reward for their work, patriotism, and dedication, and for the support of the parents for the work of the teachers, the government delivered for each of the students, a package of school supplies, two uniforms and two soccer balls, in addition to two dozen encyclopedias.

The President of Congress added that in the shortest time possible, economic resources will be channeled to the school to build needed classrooms and a main auditorium. The 32 teachers who have remained in their classrooms, despite the pressure by union leaders to leave their job, will also be awarded a prize.

“Quality education changes the lives of all, only those towns can leave poverty that strive to educate their children; therefore, education is for everyone,” said Juan Orlando Hernandez.

President Porfirio Lobo Sosa confirmed that parents of the German Herrera Molina school will receive the “Bono 10 Mil” award to cover furniture and equip the classrooms to be built, and the National Commission for Sports Installations [Comisión Nacional Pro Instalaciones Deportivas (CONAPID)], will remodel the existing infrastructure, all in an effort to reward their perseverance.

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