Tegucigalpa Hospital Without Oxygen

School Hospital officials reported that their suppliers have again suspended oxygen service to the medical center because of the accumulated debt it has with the provider.

Oscar Salgado, managing Director of the hospital, said that “oxygen service has stopped for two days at the central level, and that the service is important because we need it to perform system-wide operations”. He implored Congress to approve a budget in order to avoid stopping the services provided by the institution.

The director noted that the hospital is in debt to many suppliers, one of which is the oxygen company, for which they spend on average, 20 million lempiras a year. He acknowledged that until now, the providers have given them credit so that the hospital services do not stop.

“But as of this date, providers are beginning to ease up and tell us that they will not give us product because we have no budget for the payment of debts,” he lamented.

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