The Government lowered Fuel prices

The Honduran government lowered the superior gasoline and the diesel in 12 and four dollar cents after facing criticism for not lowering the price of fuel to the consumers after the fall of the petroleum cost in the international market.

The new price per gallon of the superior gasoline is of 89.93 lempira’s ($4.73) and 91.15 lempira’s ($4.79) per gallon of diesel in Tegucigalpa, according to information given from the Petroleum Administration Commission (CAP).

The lowered price for the superior gasoline was of 2.29 lempira’s and 92 cents per gallon of diesel.

The director for CAP, Lucy Bu informed the press that the prices for regular gasoline and kerosene in Tegucigalpa remain the same 80.74 and 60.48 lempira’s per gallon respectively thanks to the government’s subsidy.

The price structure varies in different areas of the country, according to the distance from the distribution centers.

The government has maintained a subsidy for fuel since 2006 up until the beginning of this year, but has since then started to apply weekly increases in to the price of fuel that have affected the diesel which costs more than gasoline now.

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