Tornado Hits Honduras

More than 20 homes were significantly damaged in the village of La Huerta (located in the Municipality of Tutule) after a violent tornado touched down at four o’clock in the afternoon today.

According to locals, the storm caught them by surprise. During the day they experienced intense heat, only to later find swirling air sweeping away houses, and crops of corn and bananas.

The authorities of the Permanent Commission of Contingencies, COPECO, does not yet have complete details of the damage left by the hurricane, but one Congressperson, Juan José Rivera reported from his village that some 60 homes had been affected. He explained that zinc sheets from the houses were on the ground, and that corn and banana crops were devastated by the storm.

“The strong winds lifted roofs and blew down the walls. The corn and bananas are all at ground level. There are sheets of zinc 50 or 100 meters from the rooms. Some power poles are down, and supplies are cut off,” explained Rivera, shortly after the tornado passed.

The tornado also affected the kindergarten, school, and community center of the village. The authorities are trying to find a place to relocate the affected families, because the community center is the building normally used for this purpose. The Congressman stated that many area residents are requesting help.

Copeco Commissioner, Lisandro Rosales, said the phenomenon had been caused by rainfall on the border area between Honduras and El Salvador where high temperatures were reported.

“We were monitoring a few storms that were occurring on the border with El Salvador,” she said.

Ms. Rosales said they have coordinated with the municipal authorities of Tutule to locate an immediate shelter for affected families where they could provide the necessary care.

Surprisingly, tornadoes do take place in Honduras on occasion. A tornado struck as recently as May of this year, in the town of San Marcos de Colón, in Choluteca, Honduras.

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