United States Backs Out of OAS

Honduras’ President Lobo has bent over backwards since his inauguration to bring Honduras back into the arms of the OAS, tackling each requirement head on and with a vengeance. His belief was that this would set well with the United States. Unfortunately, he should have checked with the powers that be before selling out…

“…the House Committee on Foreign Relations voted 22 to 20, in a party-line vote, on Wednesday to cancel the payment of this year’s $48.5 million dues to the year-old Organization of American States.

The attack on the OAS was instigated by Republican members of Congress, led by Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida), the current Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Florida Republican representative David Rivera even characterized the OAS as an “enemy” of the United States. The GOP politicians portrayed the OAS as an organization controlled by left-wing states such as Cuba and Venezuela. They also denounced the OAS for opposing the June 2009 military coup d’état against leftist President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras…” continue news story here.

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