US Says No To Election Postponement

The United States rejected any interventionist measure to force Honduras to postpone the general elections of November 29th, as was requested by the Brazilian government.

The Under Secretary for Political Affairs of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, Vera Machado, asked her U.S. counterpart, William Burns, to support  pressuring the current government of Honduras to delay elections by two weeks, in order to reinstate the ousted former president, Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

OAS is Split

The division between the countries of the Organization of American States (OAS) deepened yesterday with the lack of a consensus on the legitimacy of elections in Honduras. The new Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs of the United States, Arturo Valenzuela, reaffirmed his country’s support for the elections at a meeting of the OAS.

“These elections were not invented by the de facto regime in search of an exit strategy or cover up for a coup. Instead, the elections comply with the constitutional mandate to renew the Congress and the Presidency and allow the Honduran people the right to exercise their sovereign will,” said Valenzuela.

Last week, Senator Richard Lugar, senior Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate and confidant of President Barack Obama, issued a statement calling on Brazil to recognize the elections in Honduras, regardless of the return of Zelaya to power.

“If the elections of 29 days to meet international standards of transparency and balance, I strongly support the recognition of these elections. Countries in the region, Brazil in particular, should consider recognizing the elections as the only way for Hondurans to overcome the crisis,” said Lugar. The fact that the U.S. senator emphasized Brazil angered the Brazilian embassy in Washington, who expressed their displeasure.

Brazil was displeased with the decision of the governments of Peru and Colombia to recognize Sunday’s elections in Honduras.

3 Responses to "US Says No To Election Postponement"

  1. gonow  November 25, 2009 at 1:46 pm

    i agree with what you all said and every body will be happy when the election is over i hope that …… zelayas goons donot couse any problems in the next few days ………. it is about time that the government issues a international arrest warrant for zelaya same as they did for one of his ministers it would make it harder for brazil to keep protecting him ….but your government have been doing the right things the last few month i am sure they have some plans for that cowboy ……….

  2. Axel Reyes Bogran  November 25, 2009 at 11:04 am

    Zelaya knows the meaning of the word no, he just does not aprove of it when it is aplied to him!!

    The USA is doing the right thing now, I am very pleased that they have come around and aknowledeged the legality of our actions, even though if they are not anouncing it straight out in the open, the simple fact that they stopped requesting and demanding the reinstatement of that traitor Zelaya speaks tons for what position have they taken now.

    Zelaya is not worthy of being president of Honduras, he betrayed the voters thrust, he changed ideologies in the middle of his term as president and became a close ally and follower of that dictator in Venezuela, almost selling the country over to him.

    Now that he finds himself trully rejected by the majority of the people of Honduras he is behaving like a vengeful, sour looser who is not accepting the rejection and even calling for Hondurans to kill their brother Hondurans just to please his hunger for power.

    A selfish man like that has no business in power in this time and age.

    It is a grand gesture by the USA to stand against his supporters, for all they want is a chance to get him in there, they know that if manages to get in, we will never get him out.

  3. miraclemant  November 24, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    z’liar just has not learned the meaning of the word “NO”……..

    z’liar….. you just don’t get it….. it is over, and you will NEVER be president again. so you can forget about all that stolen money you have hidden away, you can either figure out a way to sneak out of the country with your tail between your legs like the rat you are, or face a lifetime of prision…..

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