Emergency Contraception Banned in Honduras

Emergency Contraception Banned in Honduras

PRESS RELEASE The Honduras Supreme Court has upheld the country’s absolute ban on emergency contraception, which would criminalize the sale, distribution, and use of the “morning-after pill” — imposing punishment for offenders equal to that of obtaining or performing an abortion, which in Honduras is completely restricted. “By banning and criminalizing emergency contraception, Honduras is […]

Hondurans Celebrate La Virgen de Suyapa

The village of Suyapa, a suburb of Tegucigalpa, Honduras has been alive with national and foreign tourists who began arriving in January for “Feria de la Virgen de Suyapa”. The fair experience involves ‘typical’ meals, rides, and Honduran vendors peddling handmade goods including clothing, shoes, and symbols of the Catholic faith, treasured by local believers. […]

Nobel Prize Winners to Visit Honduras

Nobel Prize winners Rigoberta Menchu (1992) and Jody Williams (1997) will arrive in Honduras to boost the investigation on women killing, said the executive director of the Women Rights Center, Gilda Rivera. “They arrive in Honduras on January 25th, on National Women’s Day, the day in which Honduran women won, after many battles, their right […]

What’s the Price of Lobster? 352 Honduran Lives

In the small Honduran village of Cocobila, a few metres from the Caribbean Sea, there is a small cemetery filled with the graves of young men. Amid the makeshift, worm-holed crucifixes and sun-bleached plastic flowers, Carlos Evans has just been buried. He died four days ago, aged 32, leaving a wife and two small daughters […]