Marvin Ponce Interview

The presidential adviser, Marvin Ponce, stated in an interview that nothing can stop Hernandez from seeking reelection if he were to run.

M.P.: Nothing can stop Juan Orlando.

Journalist: What about Ricardo Alvarez (one of the Vice-Presidents, 1st vice-president)?

M.P.: No, Ricardo Alvarez lost part of his base and his political moral compass, but he’s continued being a great leader, a strong leader inside of the National Party, and I imagine that sooner or later he’ll align himself with the president.

Journalist: Political Morals?

M.P.: Yes, political morals, because he hasn’t had much political support in the current government, many leaders who followed him decided to go with Juan Orlando and left him behind.

Journalist: What are Mauricio Oliva’s (president of the National Congress, also a strong Nationalist) aspirations?

M.P.: Mauricio Oliva has heart problems and I don’t believe he could lead a national campaign.

Journalist: What does that mean, heart problems, and what would happen if he gained the candidacy?

M.P.: His heart could explode and we could have a dead president, and I’m saying this because he’s had 5 open heart surgeries, and he has heart problems, Mauricio is a great person and a great man but with his condition he couldn’t win this type of election.

Journalist: If you were told he was the candidate, would you approve?

M.P.: No, maybe not, because I imagine he’d be medicated, and I believe he’d prioritize his health over political activity

A photo for Honduprensa of Marvin Ponce

A photo from Honduprensa of Marvin Ponce

Photo of Ricardo Alvarez from El Heraldo

Photo of Ricardo Alvarez from El Heraldo

Photo of Mauricio Oliva in the National Congress, source is La Prensa

Photo of Mauricio Oliva in the National Congress, source is La Prensa

*This is a translation of an interview posted on Noti-Bomba. The original source, with audio is over at: and can be listened too and read at will.*

It would appear that Ponce thinks Hernandez is the candidate to beat, for anyone in the National Party who wants a shot at the presidency. Do you agree?

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