WSJ Commentary On Elections in Honduras

The Way Forward in Honduras – By LANNY J. DAVIS The U.S. should recognize the coming election, whether Manuel Zelaya does or not. For months Honduras has faced a political crisis. In June, its president, Manuel Zelaya, attempted to subvert the country’s constitution and was removed from office. He has since pushed to return to […]

Election Computer System Ready to Go

At approximately 15 minutes past four o’clock on Sunday, November 29th, the Computer Center of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), will start receiving calls from the 15,295 polling stations throughout Honduras, beginning the process for “TREP”, an acronym for the Transmission Results of the Electoral Preliminaries. TREP is a program that already had its first […]

Reyes Pulls Out of Elections

Independent candidate for President of the Republic, Carlos H. Reyes, announced hours ago that he “definitely” is removing himself from the electoral process. Reyes, is a supporter of former President Manuel Zelaya, and said his running would “legitimize the coup”. Additionally, he added “…we can not participate in the elections under such conditions.” It is […]

US State Dept. Gives Vague Answer

Question Taken At The November 6, 2009 Daily Press Briefing “Question: Has Senator DeMint been assured by the State Department that the U.S. will recognize the election results in Honduras (11/29/09) regardless of whether or not the steps of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord have been implemented? What is our policy regarding support of the electoral […]

Zelaya Won the Vote through Fraud

The presidential candidate of the Democratic Unification Party (UD), Cesar Ham, admitted yesterday that its leader, Manuel Zelaya Rosales, confessed to having won the elections through electoral fraud. During participation in the program “Issues of the Day”, the political leader acknowledged that some time ago, Zelaya Rosales admitted that he won the election by fraud, […]

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