Weather and Disease Still Hampering Shrimp Production in Honduras

Honduras will not be sending much shrimp to the US in 2016. According to importers from the region, the country is still suffering from the losses caused by disease and poor weather, and the prognosis for 2016 is flat.

Honduran Shrimp Exports

Honduras 2015 Shrimp Exports Fell 30%
Production in 2016 is expected to be down by 20%

Most production in Central America is centered around the Gulf of Fonseca the Pacific Ocean inlet to Honduras.

The industry depends on seasonal rains to flush the bay and provide good water movement.

However, last year the El Niño phenomena delayed the rains, and the result was poor water quality and disease, including EMS. Volume in this area was down about 20%, and little improvement is expected in 2016. Disease is still rampant, and El Niño is again expected to impact the seasonal rains.

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