Strike Ended

The Honduran government reached preliminary agreements with teachers, who had suspended classes for more than 50,000 students, demanding long overdue work benefits. The teachers ended a two-day strike yesterday, with the primary, secondary and high schools involved expected to return to normalcy. At the end of a meeting with President of the Republic, Manuel Zelaya, […]

Catacamas Gets Hospital

It looked like an impossible dream, but Dr. Bill Runyon Jr. of Fort Worth was determined that Catacamas, Honduras, should have a hospital. And now, thanks to a pledge of $1.5 million from the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth, $2.6 million provided by the Honduran government and help from other groups, work has begun on […]

Film “Sin Nombre”

The dude seated to my right wasn’t quite what I’d anticipated, but neither did he come as a total shock. Of course, he could’ve been a candy-powered android with four ding-dongs and still not have thrown me all that much. Now, that last bit’s probably not all that accurate, but I employ it to hyperbolically […]

Central American Countries Look Beyond US

Threatened by the collapse of U.S. financial markets, the countries of Central America are reinventing globalism as a necessary survival tactic for the economic hard times to come. For the past decade, the globalism of Central American economies has mostly meant strengthening ties with the United States. But today, with the region’s main trade partner […]