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No Invitation for President Lobo

President Porfirio Lobo Sosa is the only head of state from Latin America who was not invited to the inauguration of Brazil’s president-elect, Ms. Dilma Rousseff. 47 other heads of state in the region will be attending. The official reason for the exclusion is that Brazil does not recognize him as the “legitimate president”. A […]

Honduras Withdraws World Court Case

Honduras has dropped a top United Nations World Court case in which Brazil was accused of meddling in Honduras’ internal affairs by allowing ousted President Manuel Zelaya to stay at its embassy last year. The International Court of Justice, widely known as the World Court, said Wednesday that Honduras asked to withdraw the case on […]

Brazil’s Foreign Minister Speaks of Lobo

The Brazilian Embassy’s vice consul in Honduras, Francisca Francinete de Melo, was stopped at the Tegucigalpa airport and denied entry into the country by Honduran immigration officials. Brazil’s foreign minister, Celso Amorim, stated that the incident was just a “mistake and a misunderstanding,” and that by the time he had been informed of the incident, […]

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