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Zelaya Granted Passage

The president-elect of Honduras, Porfirio Lobo, announced today that tomorrow he will go to the Brazilian embassy to accompany the former president, Manuel Zelaya, to the Tegucigalpa airport, along with the leaders of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom, and the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez. “President Fernandez, President Colom, and I are going … to the Brazilian embassy, […]

USA Officials Will Attend Presidential Inauguration

Representatives of the United States Department of State arrived today in Honduras to attend tomorrow’s inauguration of the elected president, Porfirio Lobo Sosa. The U.S. Ambassador in Tegucigalpa, Hugo Llorens, confirmed that he, as well as the Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, Arturo Valenzuela, and the Undersecretary for Latin America, Craig Kelly, […]

Military Commanders Acquitted

The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), today found in favor of the commanders of the Armed Forces of Honduras in relation to their actions on June 28, 2009. The leaders in question were Romeo Vasquez Velasquez, head of the Joint Chiefs; Cervantes Venancio, Deputy Chief; Javier Prince, Commander of the Air Force; Miguel Angel Padgeth, […]

Congress Discusses Amnesty

Congress today discussed the general amnesty project, and reviewed the draft of a decree for general amnesty for political crimes for all persons who participated in the events taking place on June 28, 2009. The draft decree contains a political pardon for former President Manuel Zelaya Rosales, the people who participated in the resistance, and […]