Politics in Honduras

Tegucigalpa – San Jose Accord

We, Honduran citizens, men and women, convinced of the need to strengthen the rule of law, protect our Constitution and the laws of our Republic, deepen democracy and ensure a climate of peace and tranquility for our people, have carried out an intense and frank process of political dialogue to seek a peaceful and negotiated […]

Zelaya in Cumana

President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya said on Thursday that there is collaborative work on all fronts within the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA). Zelaya was welcomed after midnight Wednesday at the international airport in northeastern Cumana city by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro and other officials of Sucre state, 248 miles […]

Zelaya Criticized

The Honduran attorney general’s office said Wednesday the president has no authority to call for forming a new constitution. President Manuel Zelaya announced late Monday that his government will hold a nationwide poll on the issue June 24. That poll would determine whether Honduras will hold a binding vote in November on drafting a new […]

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