FHIS In Need of 240 Million Lempiras

The Director of FHIS, Edgar Martínez, pointed out that the Honduran Social Investment (FHIS) Fund still has no financing for projects that have already been planned, and assured that the amount required for this year is 240 million lempiras. Ambassadors, representatives of international agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as representatives of the National […]

Former FHIS Director Murdered

The former official and liberal politician, Roland Valenzuela was killed last night in a hotel in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. According to the prosecutor on duty, Marco Cartagena, Valenzuela was in a meeting with a lawyer, when a businessman, identified by police as Charles Yacamán, approached and began an argument over money. The incident occurred […]

Public Prosecutor Investigates the FHIS

The Office of the Public Prosecutor is investigating if civil servants of the Honduran Social Investment Fund (FHIS) committed a crime when they allowed an arbitration award for a North American company, The DRC Group (DRC), against the State of Honduras to reach the sum of 51 million dollars. The Prosecutor against Corruption, Nilson Salgado, […]