Concerning Developments Over at ENEE

Concerning Developments Over at ENEE

Honduran media has begun reporting on an unusual development out of the National Electrical Energy Business (ENEE). In a move that Union leader Miguel Aguilar is calling “unjust, inhuman, and arbitrary” earlier today leadership of ENEE made the decision to officially announce that 980 employees who had been suspended four months ago were to be […]

President Assigns New Ministers

President Porfirio Lobo Sosa, swore in four new staff members on Friday, in the areas of education, agriculture, electrical energy and trade. The rector of the National University of Agriculture of Catacamas, Marlon Oniel Escoto Valerio, was sworn in as the new Minister of Education, replacing Alejandro Ventura. A master in business administration, José Adonis […]

Honduran Cabinet Minister Resigns

Roberto Martinez, general manager of the state-owned Honduran National Energy Company, yesterday became the third member of President Porfirio Lobo’s Cabinet to resign in the past two weeks. Martinez submitted his resignation to the Ministry of the Presidency about 5 p.m., Luz Tome, public relations representative for the company, said in a phone call from […]

ENEE May Implement New Meters

LR Group Ltd., a closely held Israeli company that provides infrastructure consulting services to developing countries, will help Honduras install as many as 500,000 smart meters by 2015 to fight energy theft. The $300 million project has been approved by Honduras’s government-owned utility Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica and may be endorsed by lawmakers within […]

ENEE Board Approves Renewable Energy Contracts

The Board of Directors of the National Enterprise of Electrical Energy (ENEE) has approved four contracts for renewable energy, according to representative Benjamín Bográn. The approved contracts are as follows: Renewable energy in the area of Aguán, which will generate 10 megawatts from biomass. One half megawatt renewable energy project in Copán Six megawatts of […]

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